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LED Goggles

These LED Goggles use Adafruit's NeoPixel Rings,
an Arduino, and a Nintendo Wii Nunchuck.
The Z Button on the Nunchuck controls the single pixel's color
while the C Button controls the entire ring's color.
Pressing and holding both buttons will make the LED Ring "breathe".
Moving the Nunchuck's joystick left and right will spin the single pixel around the ring in that direction. Up and down on the joystick controls the brightness.
At first the LEDs were always at full brightness...
this caused a lot of people to duck and hide. These rings are BRIGHT!
Thursday was a costume contest put on by SNN:ICT.

Let's just say Batman didn't stand a chance!

Here is a demo of my goggles Adafruit posted on their blog.
Pictures of the build can be found here.
Source code for this project can be found here.
Arduino Wii Nunchuck code I got from here.